Cloud web hosting reseller

What is actually cloud web hosting? There has been a lot of confusion (and what's worse, still is) about cloud website hosting as a term. Cloud website hosting is thought to be a specification of a special type of web page hosting solutions, which incorporates a host or a cluster of servers devoted to serving exclusively one service (email, web space, File Transfer Protocol, databases, stats, website hosting Control Panel, etc.). This service is just a single fraction of the whole web hosting puzzle, which contains a lot of different segments (hosts of web servers, each of them serving an individual service). The complete mass (incorporating all the sets of clustered servers) is constructing the so-called CLOUD website hosting picture.

Cloud site hosting reseller patterns

Unfortunately, the modern reseller hosting market does not offer numerous cloud hosting reseller possibilities. Many providers assert that they distribute one (a contemporary marketing approach), but very few actually do. One such hosting reseller distributor strongly grasped our attention. It's ResellersPanel. We have taken a gaze at ResellersPanel's platform and networks. The data we have found confirms that there is a genuine cloud web hosting solution made available to ResellersPanel's end customers. So, why is ResellersPanel so significant?

ResellersPanel's cloud web page hosting reseller accounts

First of all, with ResellersPanel the resellers have the chance to offer entirely authentic cloud hosting plans and solutions, i.e. every individual service (site hosting Control Panel, mail, data storage, File Transfer Protocol, databases, stats, DNS, and so on) is being served by a cluster (a group) of site hosting servers dedicated just to that precise service.

Second of all, ResellersPanel provides 4 server farm facility locations, where the cloud website hosting users can host unlimited domains and sites: in the United States, in the United Kingdom, in Sweden and in Australia.

Thirdly, ResellersPanel's business approach permits the resellers to resell not just real cloud web space hosting solutions, but also VPS hosting, semi-dedicated and dedicated server, domains (above 50 Top-Level Domains) and digital certificates. At wholesale prices. The Hepsia website hosting Control Panel is integrated everywhere at no added charge.

In the fourth place, ResellersPanel does not want any monthly or annual part payments (subscription costs). All other reseller web page hosting business entities out there will require the reseller to first buy the account and to pay out monthly or annual subscription bills regardless of whether the reseller has accomplished any sales or not. If a transaction has been generated, the reseller splits the revenue with ResellersPanel. At the reseller's end, no investments are called for, i.e. there are no commercial risks to be assumed.

In the fifth place, ResellersPanel is an ICANN commissioned TLD registrar. That's an indeed rare phenomenon on the reseller website hosting marketplace. Perhaps owing to the fact that ResellersPanel is a TLD registrar, the Domain Manager, included in the custom designed end-client Control Panel, is so avant-garde and powerful. This Domain Manager is the greatest top-level domain name handling user interface we have detected so far on the entire cloud, shared and domain web space hosting market.

Lastly, ResellersPanel provides integrated management. The reseller has one location to log in to, where the whole web hosting business can be managed from. So do the customers. In contrast with the cPanel website hosting and cPanel reseller hosting services, with ResellersPanel the web site hosting customers can moderate their TLDs, web portals, website files, databases, email mailbox accounts, stats, billing transactions, invoicing transactions and customer support tickets from within one centralized place - the Hepsia CP, which is perhaps the finest web site hosting CP on the contemporary domain name and website hosting marketplace. Why do we say 'in contrast to cPanel'? Normally the cPanel-based web hosting companies will supply their customers with at least 2, sometimes even three login places (the cPanel CP itself, the invoice and domain management platform and finally the trouble ticket system). You should count this one.

The cPanel-driven "cloud hosting" platform

It's always commendable to recollect that cPanel was primarily developed on a single-server-does-it-all sort of setup. cPanel's chief purpose is to perform on 1 single web space hosting server where all site hosting services proceed concurrently: electronic mail, FTP, databases, files, statistics, web app installers, web site hosting CP, DNS, etc.. Being aware of that, it's hard to imagine a cPanel-based site hosting provider providing actual cloud hosting services. And above 95% of today's web page hosting vendors are... cPanel-based. That's all there is to cloud web page hosting out there. You should count that one too.

Putting all the chunks together

Multiple years will maybe elapse till the bulk of the domains and sites will be served by genuine cloud web space hosting platforms. The reason for this is the fully deceiving and deceitful business technique commonly used by the majority of the web hosting sellers. Just due to the fact that the term "cloud web site hosting" is quite modern... and fashionable. The majority of the web page hosting retailers would like to be stylish too. Mainly the cPanel-based ones.